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End Point Protection

End Point Protection

This is how we protect you and your data. A well known fact about leaks of sensitive data is that the majority of such malicious activities are led by internal employees. This often includes hacking and system compromises, but the most critical is data theft.

Binary Confidence monitors and defends full customer perimeter into depth. To enhance the protection of customer data against internal frauds, Binary Confidence is proud to announce the new End Point Protection service that is being connected to our 24/7 monitoring program.

Imagine that Binary Confidence operator will call you and inform you that your engineer accessed your banking data or any other private data without your permission.

Agents that are installed on desktops work in a stealth mode and still is monitoring the movement of all important documents. All the paths of manipulation, including physical USB sticks or web browsers, are carefully traced and can raise alerts based on the defined policy.

As people store more and more sensitive data on servers and clouds that are often poorly guarded, we need to increase steadily the level of their protection. There are new ways of information leaks emerging permanently. Our job is to keep up and never miss out on any of these ways so we can successfully avoid them.

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