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Next generation of monitoring test environment

Next generation of monitoring test environment

It is emphasized by various experts that the attacks on corporate IT systems are continuously growing in numbers and proficiency. As a result to that any security solution that worked five years ago may be less than sufficient today. This is one of the reasons why our Binary Confidence experts developed virtual test environment that simulates a corporate IT system.

How does it work?
Our simulation test environments have all the common components including web, e-mail and file servers, domain controllers and individual workstations. However, based on the requirement we deploy customers specific environments as well. Despite being just simulated, we run realistic, commonly used behavior. To detect the activity we deploy verious tools – from the simplest open source ones to the professional commercial solutions of our partners.

Within the simulated environment, various forms of attacks are performed. Besides standard tests, our security experts challenge the setup also using the most recent attack techniques. On the workstations, we test malware samples captured by “honeypots” – these capture for example the most recent phishing campaigns. Just as in real business IT systems, a part of the environment exposed through the Internet to allow anyone to attack. Therefore, it is used as a “honeypot” – the tool that allows us to track the latest trends and malware attack campaigns. Similar process is also a very good expertise tool used to test the proficiency and reactions of the operators teams .

It is very important to stress that each detection system must first pass through this testing environment before it is deployed in a client’s infrastructure. It helps us to ensure a high degree of accuracy and to keep our solutions up to date.

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