Millions of companies are attacked by criminals on a daily basis. Some of them are already prepared for cyber-crimes but some are still an easy target for virtual criminals. But how is it possible that these hackers are traced and found only rarely?

It is all about system logs. A log is a fingerprint of a cyber-criminal activity that he or she leaves in the attacked system. In order to avoid their exposure, hackers try to stop logging as soon as possible. Then they always sweep and clean these logs behind, so they become virtually untraceable.

It is their way of cleaning up the crime scene. According to the up-to-date ISO norms, companies must archive their system logs for a certain period of time, ideally off-site. Apparently, this norm helps businesses and their clients to increase their cybersecurity.

In Binary Confidence, we all are ready to deal with changed, hidden or deleted system logs. In order to protect our clients to the maximum extent, we first transfer their logs to our secure environment where we store or even analyse them.

In this off-site environment, we are capable of discovering what server logs have been deleted either by hackers, inappropriate system maintenance or even as a result of a disaster.

Come over to the safe side with Binary Confidence and let us provide you with our professional off-site log backup, detect possible mistakes in log retention policy and reveal any logs deletion or amendment caused by attackers.



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