SOC – Security Operations Center


Binary Confidence offers 24/7 Security Operations Centre (SOC) services where our security team permanently evaluates what is happening in your IT environment, mitigating current threats and new incidents. They will be your eyes and ears 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What is Active security monitoring?

  • A managed service, which uses a combination of automated analysis and human intelligence to detect security breaches
  • Logs and events are collected from the client’s devices, then encrypted to be transported for a two-level analysis in a Security Operations Center
  • We provide our client with the relevant and clear information on the threats to his system
  • Our service makes sure you are safe and free to focus on your core business while we taken care of everything else

A monitoring agent is installed directly to the client’s server. The agent is a piece of software, which collects logs and events and sends them to an encryption box.


Physical or virtual encryption box is connected to client’s IT infrastructure. Its purpose is to transport logs in a secure way through the Internet into a Security operations center (SOC).


The SOC plays the crucial role in our solution because it is the place where ‘the alarm goes off’ for every suspicious behaviour. In the SOC, logs are analyzed on two levels. The first one is automatic analysis, which is still improving and adapting to the newest trends, and the second one is manual analysis through our certified IT security specialists operating 24/7. Based on agreed conditions, specialists contact the customer and report the problem immediately. The serious incident/event is isolated in the SOC. Some customers prefer the full package, including an additional emergency response team. It is the active second level of support, which analyzes the incident deeply, blocks the attacker, stops the spreading, collects all the evidences, and helps to recover.

SOC specifications

  • Creates the core of our solution
  • Meets highest security requirements according to ISO 27k
  • Round-the-clock (24/7) monitoring
  • Immediate response time
  • Transparent for the client

Benefits for Clients

  • Saving time, money and human resources
  • Certified and high skilled security-cleared personnel to confidential level
  • Real-time monitoring and round-the clock (24/7) operation
  • Immediate response time
  • Easy-to-read reports to the management on the company’s cyber-security status
  • Vulnerability management



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