Binary Confidence’s mission is to deliver a best-in-class cyber-secure environment for our clients to operate smoothly without having to worry about safety risks to their data and operations. We are result-oriented, working in tandem with our clients, by remaining one move ahead of threat actors and keeping your data safe.


The core code we’re working with is surprisingly not binary – it’s not made up of ones and zeros. It’s actually built on two core principles – ethics & delivery. We will always recommend the best and fairest solution to your problem rather than the boldest and most expensive one. The second principle of our code is built on is deliverability – regardless of the circumstances. Our hands-on approach helps create the foundation for a long-term prosperous partnership with our clients built on mutual trust.


The threat landscape can be perceived as a chessboard where every move has to be calculated in advance. In order to provide a robust defensive strategy, we believe defensive measures should be both proactive and reactive, for like in chess, there is no coincidence in cybersecurity, it’s just a cascade of consequences, based on your strategy and decisions.

Binary Confidence’s team is made up of seasoned cybersecurity grandmasters in their own right. Our specialists have tempered their skills protecting major EU institutions in various capacities ranging from ethical hacking and security to investigation and intelligence. This makes them uniquely equipped to counter most moves cybercriminals targeting your systems will make, allowing them to react instantly to most threats. Before any of that happens, they establish your cyber-defenses by dissecting and analyzing your system looking for weak points, and plot out a strategy.

  • Pavol Draxler Guarantor of the Wargames

    Pavol Draxler


    His last position was head of SOC security for the EU crypto service project sTESTA. For several years, he has worked as the head of Counter Extremism Committee at Slovakia’s Ministry of Interior.

    Pavol also has experience from missions to high threat environments in Bosnia, Kosovo and the former Soviet Union. Bringing security to others is one of the prime goals in his life.

  • Ján Andraško Guarantor of the SOC as a Service

    Ján Andraško


    Ján is a network specialist with a focus on IT systems and network security, co-founder of Binary Confidence. Graduated in Information and Security Systems at the University of Žilina. Ján has more than 14 years of experience in the field of incident detection and response.

    Ján also participated in the NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence training where he placed in the top percentile in his class.

  • Peter Kleinert Solution Architect

    Peter Kleinert

    Peter gained most of his experience as a programmer, architect and security specialist at Siemens and SAP. He currently works as deployment and security expert for SAP Cloud and In-Memory Computing solutions.

    He has worked in IT field since his secondary school, and is the winner of several local and international contests including IEEE Computer Society International Design Competition.

  • Tomáš Zaťko Advanced Threat Consultant

    Tomáš Zaťko

    Tomáš is a consultant for the most challenging IT security situations for high level customers mostly from the financial, and specifically banking sector. Tomáš dedicated his life to the area of security breaches.

    He has extensive experience with penetration testing, building security enhanced systems, OS and application hardening, network security, etc.
    He is Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) and Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP).



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