SEC Point Academy

SOC – our Security Operations Centre is equipped with technology that is needed to model various cyber defense scenarios. It provides a large testing environment which we use for our very own SEC Point Academy. The environment we use is modifiable because the requirements vary from client to client and it was built for Locked Shield trainings (used in NATO War Game). The virtual environment is built based on client´s real IT security structure so the outcome for employees is as authentic as possible.

How it all works?

Our simulation test environments have all the common components including web, e-mail and file servers, domain controllers and individual workstations. However, based on the requirement we deploy customers specific environments as well. Despite being just simulated, we run realistic, commonly used behavior. To detect the activity we deploy various tools – from the simplest open source ones to the professional commercial solutions of our partners.

What happens in the training?

  • Analysis of client's environment
  • Preparation of customized scenarios
  • Scheduled scenario
  • Generic, collaborative, APT, Backdoor, DDOS, DOS, phishing or malware attacks
  • Evaluation with detailed report
  • Recommendations

Service description

SEC Point Academy is a realistic training that takes place in an environment built based on client's requirements. It usually takes place in client's premises with use of our infrastructure.
The SIMEX usually is an end to end solution of a security incident according to the specification that include various attack scenarios. Technical solution of the incident represents the incident isolation and threat removal.

Pavol Draxler
Guarantor of the SEC Point Academy

Pavol Draxler


His last position was head of SOC security for the EU crypto service project sTESTA. For several years, he has worked as the head of Counter Extremism Committee at Slovakia’s Ministry of Interior.

Pavol also has experience from missions to high threat environments in Bosnia, Kosovo and the former Soviet Union. Bringing security to others is one of the prime goals in his life.



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