Using the environment of our Security Operations Centre, we can simulate a variety of cyber offense-defense scenarios. Such exercise is called wargame. It usually lasts from 4 to 8 hours, takes place on the client’s premises using our IT infrastructure, and is overseen by an expert consultant who provides real-time guidance to the participants and transfers practical knowledge.

The environment was initially designed following high standards of NATO’s Locked Shield training. However, it is adjustable to mimic the client’s real-world IT Security structure to make training as authentic as possible. By default, it contains standard components such as web, e-mail, file servers, domain controllers, and individual workstations, but it can handle basically any custom application.

Pavol Draxler
Guarantor of the Wargames

Pavol Draxler


His last position was head of SOC security for the EU crypto service project sTESTA. For several years, he has worked as the head of Counter Extremism Committee at Slovakia’s Ministry of Interior.

Pavol also has experience from missions to high threat environments in Bosnia, Kosovo and the former Soviet Union. Bringing security to others is one of the prime goals in his life.



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