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GAP Analysis

To ensure information security, it is necessary to control all security layers around the company's data and protect all potential gaps that an attacker could exploit. Several security standards exist for this type of security.

To determine the differences between the existing state and the desired standard, we use GAP Analysis. Via GAP Analysis, we find out detailed information about the current state and identify differences and weak points in relation to the defined requirements. The GAP Analysis output includes the prioritization of identified deviations and shortcomings.

Risk Analysis

Risk Analysis is a systematic approach to threat assessment, vulnerability detection, and risk identification. Risk describes the degree of probability that a negative event will occur and defines its impact on the company's assets.

This analysis aims to determine what is vital for the company, the level of threat tolerance, and prepare the foundation for strategic, management, and control processes. It is a fundamental tool of the information security management system, which provides the organization with an effective means for the qualified determination of priorities in the field of information security at the strategic and operational levels.

Forensic Analysis & Witness Services

The forensic analysis aims to reveal the penetration method, scale of the damage to the systems, and identify what data has been lost. The delivery usually consists of server logs and network analysis to determine the attacker's initial vector of attack and movement; following up with an in-depth analysis of artifacts left by the attacker (malware) and extraction of forensic evidence for law enforcement. Binary Confidence can provide a court-recognized witness analysis and statements that are often needed in ICT security-based litigations.

Compliance review

Binary Confidence can help you with the following standards:

  • ISO 27000 standards family,
  • ISO 20000 standard,
  • ISO 25999 standard,
  • ISO 22301 standard,
  • Personal data and Privacy – Act 101/2000 Col.
  • Banking industry

Decree of Czech Central Bank # 123/2007 Col., 163/2014 Col., PCI DSS., Pharma industry, FDA GxP., Telco ICT industry, Act no. 127/2005, Col. (data retention), ISAE 3402., Critical infrastructure, Act no. 181/2014 Col., inc. Decrees, SCADA Security standards., Content responsibility and intellectual properties, Act no. 121/200 Col., Acts no. 40/2009 Col. & 418/2011 Col.


  • Workshop - phishing and methods of defense of corporate and private data
  • Workshop – Introduction to cybersecurity
  • Workshop – Security Operation Centre overview
  • Workshop – Introduction to threat hunting
  • Workshop – Introduction to computer & network security defense
  • Workshop – Introduction to incident handling & response
  • Online Security Awareness Training
  • Online Home Office Security


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