Radi by sme vás pozvali k účasti na dotazníku, ktorý má za cieľ zhromaždiť zásadné informácie o stave informačnej bezpečnosti vo vašej organizácii. Účelom tejto ankety je získať hlbšie porozumenie vašim požiadavkám týkajúcim sa riešení a služieb v oblasti informačnej a kybernetickej bezpečnosti, aby sme vám mohli ponúknuť čo najlepšiu, na mieru šitú ponuku pre vašu spoločnosť. Upozorňujeme, že všetky odpovede poskytnuté v tomto dotazníku budú považované za dôverné a budú použité výhradne na zlepšenie našeho porozumenia potrebám vašej organizácie v oblasti kybernetickej bezpečnosti.

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    The size of an organisation is a substantial factor in determining an effective security management system.

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    Please briefly describe the organizational structure of the company.

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    What legislation applies to your business?

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    How many information systems do you have?

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    Please list key services that your company outsources to third parties.

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    Have you assessed security requirements from your customers (based on service agreements) and other legal and regulatory risks?
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    What number of working stations and mobile devices do you govern (you have control over them)? How many more are used for your business and you do not have control over them?

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    Do you maintain your own infrastructure (servers and networks) on the premise? Do you operate some part of your infrastructure in cloud? What kind of cloud services do you use?

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    What kind of information does your company process?

    (e.g. customer data, personal data, payment data, etc.)

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    Have you assigned a person responsible for information security?
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    Have you ever conducted a risk assessment for your business/organization?
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    Have you ever performed any kind of audit in terms of information security?

    ( e.g. ISO27001, SOC 2, CyberGRX assessment etc.)

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    Have you documented your company assets?
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    Have you implemented Business Continuity Management or at least some parts of it?
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    Is there any specific service you would like to discuss with us, or is there anything else you feel is important to mention?

    (e.g. the target date by which you need to receive the service due to an audit deadline)